The continuing effect of Covid-19:

Examining the impact on elective and emergency admissions


The continuing effect of covid-19 data report

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Omicron effect report data visual

Omicron effect report graph visual


Utilising just-published Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) data, this free excel data report shows the latest monthly patient numbers for elective and non-elective admissions broken down by:

  • Age

  • Gender

  • NHS hospital trust

Along with the data tables, we also provide some handy graphs and visuals for speed and ease of understanding.


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If you are interested in accessing the latest data or more granular analysis, Vantage, quickly and easily makes sense of complex real-world data sets.

Analysing hospital inpatient and outpatient activity, Vantage will help you understand the impact of service displacement by:

  • Therapy area

  • Individual conditions

  • Treatment type or procedure of interest

  • Defined cohorts

  • Specific locations

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